DOC is a collaboration and compilation of several passionate residents of the web.

Currently we have 3 contributors.

TomHe is the lady hunter, outspoken, gutter mouth that looks for the crazy, cool and sexy stuff. Also Tom forgets to login correctly quite often and posts things on the other IDs. I think he does it on purpose. So if Jennifer is posting a pic of a babe, it’s probably Tom.

JenniferShe keeps the crew grounded and likes to produce the stuff that Tom and I normally don’t touch. However at the same time tends to keep Tom on a short leash. Also on a short leash are her furry friends that she loves to jog with daily. She is many times the voice of reason in the group and we are glad to have her.

DJthe man who loves the tech world, embraces the stupidity of the world with an open mind. Enjoys gaming and an avid Netflix documentary junkie. Also loves the political scene with all its corruption, waste and lies. DJ also tries his hand at woodworking, try being the keyword.

Our mission is to explore the web and find things that we find interesting.

We enjoy posting on the following topics or just about anything that will get us into a heated discussion:

Cute Crap
Stuff On Stupid People
Photos Of Pretty Much All Kinds Of Stuff – (See crossing the line comment below)

We are always looking for interesting, weird, hot, strange stuff and of course viral content. We are also always looking for contributors for the site so if you would like to contribute let us know by posting a comment or e-mail us at: webmaster at (@) dotsofcolor.com

We are pretty open minded about posts. However, know that all posts are moderated as some stuff on the web does cross a line.

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